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Several hundred years ago, mankind discovered the hulk of a ring floating in the asteroid belt. After decades of research and development, the Ring is now repaired and operational. The Ring created a wormhole, taking probes and eventually manned exploratory vessels and colonial ships far, far beyond where mankind had ever dared to dream of traveling.

Over the next centuries, mankind spread out in this newly discovered sector of space, and uncovered wealth beyond imagining in resources, rare metals, and most valuable of all, land. A healthy shipping and trade industry developed between the planets beyond the Ring and the Sol system, and though a rough frontier, it began to gather elements of civilization.

One day, however, ships stopped coming through the Ring. Ships that went through to investigate were never heard from again, and so, over time, the Ring Rift was largely abandoned, as companies that had thrived from the shipping industry now turned to domestic production or perished.

However, the Ring Rift was not willing to be forgotten so easily. A mere 50 years ago, the Rift spat out its last travelers, a hulking colony ship. Though the first part of the ship looked intact, as the back half appeared, it was clear that something had gone terribly wrong. The back half was shredded by some sort of explosion or artillery, and as it emerged, the Ring Rift collapsed. Though rescue efforts were mounted, the ship was soon consumed by an explosion, presumed to be caused by a power core failure. No survivors were recovered, so the mystery of the ship Cassandra will likely remain unsolved.

Most people were interested only for a moment, before returning to their busy lives.

Thus, the denizens Beyond the RIng were left alone.

Main Page

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